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Brett Sears

Physical Therapy for a Broken Wrist

By January 26, 2012

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Winter weather here in the northeast US brings snow and ice on the roads and sidewalks. One common injury often seen in physical therapy clinics is a Colles' fracture. This common wrist fracture occurs if you fall onto your outstretched arm. The force of the fall causes the distal end of the radius to break and become displaced, leading to severe pain and swelling.

Physical therapy after a Colles' fracture involves improving range of motion and strength of the wrist, elbow and hand. Pain and swelling management may also be a part of your physical therapy program for a Colles' fracture. If you required surgery to repair your wrist fracture, scar tissue massage and mobilization may also be indicated to help restore normal mobilty.

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February 22, 2012 at 8:44 pm
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