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Physical Therapy Abbreviations


Updated January 15, 2007

Physical therapists often use medical abbreviations in their note writing. To the non-trained therapists, these can often be confusing. Below is a list of commonly used therapy abbreviations. Now you too can understand your therapist’s note!

Weight Bearing Abbreviations
NWB – Non Weight Bearing
PWB – Partial Weight Bearing
TTWB – Toe Touch Weight Bearing
WBAT – Weight Bearing as Tolerated
FWB – Full Weight Bearing

Assistive Device Abbreviations
SC – Straight Cane
QC – Quad Cane
SBQC – Small Base Quad Cane
LBQC – Large Base Quad Cane
PUW – Pick up Walker
RW – Rolling Walker

Range of Motion
PROM – Passive Range of Motion
AAROM – Active Assisted Range of Motion
AROM – Active Range of Motion
ADD – Adduction
ABD - Abduction

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