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Updated June 17, 2014

Woman in a skirt walking on a street.
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Definition: Gait is the manner or style of walking. There are many types of gait.

Examples include:
Antalgic Gait: painful gait, a limp is adopted to avoid pain on weight bearing structures (hip, knee, ankle)
Ataxic Gait: an unsteady, uncoordinated walk, a wide base of support is seen. normally due to cerebellar disease
Festinating Gait: short, accelerating steps are used to move forward, often seen in people with Parkinson's disease
Four Point Gait: utilized by crutch users, first on crutch, then the opposite leg followed by the other crutch and then the other leg
Hemiplegic Gait: involves flexion of the hip because of inability to clear the toes from the floor at the ankle and cirumduction at the hip
Spastic Gait: walk in which the legs are held close together and move in a stiff manner. often due to central nervous system injuries

Also Known As: walking, ambulation

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