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Physical Therapy Job Settings


Updated May 11, 2005

One of the benefits of being a physical therapist is the variety of job settings there are to choose from. It is often not thought of, but physical therapists have a multitude of job settings to practice in.
The hospital setting is one of the more common settings where physical therapists, but within the hospital there are specialty areas that physical therapist can pursue. Acute care, orthopedic, and geriatrics are a few of the hospital specialties physical therapists can practice in.

Outpatient clinics are another very common setting that physical where physical therapists are employed. There are many private as well as nationally owned physical therapy clinics throughout the US. Most specialize in sports medicine rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation hospitals and centers are yet another popular setting for physical therapists. Here physical therapists work in a team along with occupational, speech, and recreational therapists to provide patient's with complete therapy.

The school systems also employ physical therapists to work with students in special education classes. Physical therapy is a part of these disabled students' learning curriculum. Physical therapists who work in the school system often have the summers free when the students are on break.

Home health agencies are another popular setting in which physical therapists work. In this type of employment, physical therapists go to their patient's houses and provide therapy in the home. This is provided for those patients who are unable to leave their home.

Physician offices, nursing homes, universities, and adult day care are just a few other settings where physical therapists work.

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