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Exercises to Increase Endurance

After surgery or a prolonged hospitalization endurance is often decreased. Perform these exercises to increase activity levels.

Overview of Endurance Exercises
Endurance exercises are activities that increase respiratory and heart rate. Get a basic overview of how endurance activities can help you.

Maximum Heart Rate
Learn to calculate your maximum heart rate and use it to find your exercise target heart rate.

Endurance Exercises and Your Heart
Learn the benefits exercising has on the health of your heart.

Endurance Activities for New Mothers
Learn exercise guidelines for post partum endurance activities.

Tips on How to Build Up Your Endurance
Learn how much and how often to exercise to increase your baseline stamina.

Activities to Increase Your Endurance
Learn what types of activities can have a positive effect on your endurance. There are many to choose from!

Upper Body Ergometer
Learn about the upper body ergometer exercise machine and how it is used in physical therapy.

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