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Make Your Own Shoulder Pulleys


Updated November 21, 2012

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How to Make Your Own Shoulder Pulleys
Shoulder pulleys supplies.

To make your own shoulder pulleys, obtain a pulley, some scissors, and a length of clothesline.

Brett Sears, PT, 2012

Shoulder pulleys are an exercise tool commonly found in physical therapy clinics. The pulleys are used to perform exercises to help improve the range of motion of your shoulders.

Common problems that may require you to use shoulder pulleys include, but are not limited to:

If you are having shoulder pain or are having difficulty using your arm because of a shoulder problem, you should visit your doctor or physical therapist. Your physical therapist will likely prescribe exercises to help improve the range of motion and strength in your shoulder in order to help you return to normal function.

Your physical therapist may ask that you perform your shoulder pulley exercises as a part of your home exercise program. You can purchase shoulder pulleys, but they can be easily be made by following this step-by-step guide.

To begin, you must first obtain a small utility pulley and some polyester clothesline. These items are available at your local hardware store. You must be sure that your closeline is not too big to fit in the pulley or too small to slip out of the pulley. Ask for help at the store if you are unsure of what size pulley or clothesline to purchase.

You will also need household scissors to cut the clothesline to the correct length to properly use your pulleys.

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