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Exercises to Improve Post-Operative Recovery

Exercising plays an important role in regaining function and strength after undergoing an operation. Learn various exercises that can be performed while in the hospital or at home.

Single Leg Hop Testing
Single leg hop testing can be useful to determine if you can return to sports after ACL repair in your knee.

The Prone Hang Exercise to Improve Knee Extension Range of Motion
The prone hang exercise can help improve your overall knee extension range of motion.

Can I Ride a Bicycle after Total Knee Replacement Surgery?
Is riding a bicycle after a total knee replacement possible? Learn about biking after knee replacement surgery.

Physical Therapy after a Total Knee Replacement Surgery
Learn what to expect from physical therapy after a total knee replacement surgery.

Exercises After Hip Replacement
Learn what exercises should be performed to rehabilitate after hip replacement surgery.

Post Operative Shoulder Rehabilitation Program
A comprehensive shoulder exercise program is reviewed for post operative shoulder rehabilitation.

Post Total Knee Arthroplasty Exercises
Learn how to increase knee flexion after total knee replacement surgery.

Straight Leg Raising Exercise Progression
Progress resistance properly during your straight leg raising exercises to protect your knee.

Rehabilitation Protocol after Surgical Repair of Your ACL
Use this week-by-week protocol to understand what to expect after surgical repair of your ACL.

Rehabilitation Protocol after Surgical Repair of Your ACL
An rehabilitation protocol after your ACL surgery may give you a basic framework to follow during physical therapy.

Total Hip Replacement Exercise Guide
Review these total hip replacement exercises promoted by the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Each exercises has a picture demonstration.

Passive Exercises For Post Rotator Cuff Repairs
If you have had your rotator cuff repaired, it is important to prevent formation of scar tissue. Performing these passive exercises is the first step in preventing scar formation.

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