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Increasing Flexion After Total Knee Replacement

Sit Your Way To Increased Knee Flexion


Updated December 30, 2004

There are many exercises to increase range of motion after total knee replacement surgery. It is important to listen to your own body and physician to decide when it is most appropriate to begin these exercises. Below is just one example of a way to increase knee flexion.

1) Sit upright on a chair. (make sure the chair is not too low. your hips should be higher than your knees)
2) Take your non operated leg and cross it gently over the ankle of the operated leg.
3) Slowly and smoothly begin bending your operated knee while remaining in the seated position.
4) Assist as needed by posteriorly pushing your non operated leg against the operated leg's ankle.
5) Stop when resistance or discomfort is felt.
6) Hold for 10 seconds.
7) Repeat 5 more times. Three times per day.

As always discuss this activity with your physician or physical therapist before performing.

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