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Elbow Exercises

Exercises to Strengthen the Elbow


Updated May 09, 2014

The bicep and tricep muscles are the large muscle groups that bend and straighten the elbow. The biceps are located on the front of the upper arm and the triceps are located on the back. As noted by the name, two muscles form the biceps while three muscles form the triceps.

Exercising these muscle groups not only increases arm strength, but also helps everyone, especially older adults, perform activities of daily living. Strong arms help to lift up and out of a chair as well as pull on shoes and other clothing items.

Great elbow strengthening exercises are as follows:

General Strengthening
Sit in a straight-backed chair with armrests
Put your feet flat on the floor
Place your hands on the armrests and push up with your arms lifting your bottom slightly off the chair
Hold for a count of six
Slowly lower yourself into the chair and relax
Repeat this strengthening exercise 10 times

Isometric Elbow Flexion
Sit straight up with your hands under a table
Try to lift your hands straight upward
Hold this position for six seconds
Repeat this exercise 10 times

Supination and Pronation
Stand up straight and hold a washcloth in your hands
Pretend to wring it dry for six seconds
Pause and repeat this 10 times
Switch the direction in which your hands are wringing
Repeat this 10 times

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