1. Health

Management of Skin Ulcers and Pressure Sores

Skin breakdown and sores affect many patients with diabetes, vascular disorders, and paresis. Learn the various types of skin wounds and how to prevent and treat them.

Pressure Relieving Exercises
Pressure relief exercises should be performed by any person who is immobile to help prevent the development of pressure sores.

Diabetic Foot Care
Foot care is especially important in people with diabetes. Learn how to take care of your feet.

Stages of Pressure Ulcers
Pressure ulcers are categorized into four stages depending on their depth of involvement. Learn what tissue each stage involves.

Foot and Leg Ulcers
Review the causes and treament of arterial and venous ulcers.

Physical Therapy Modalities in Wound Care
Physical therapists use several treatment modalities to assist in wound management. Learn the different techniques used to promote wound healing.

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