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Limb Amputation Management and Rehabilitation

Loss of a limb can occur due to traumatic injury or disease processes. Learn management and rehabilitation skills to assist in recovering from limb amputation.

Types of Lower Extremity Amputations
Learn about the different types of amputations that can occur in the legs.

Desensitization Exercises
Desensitiazation exercises are a way to decrease the hypersensitivity that can often be experienced after limb amputation.

Residual Limb
Learn about what a residual limb is in the physical therapy management of amputations.

Phantom Pain
Phantom pain describes a painful sensation that can occur in a limb that is no longer present due to trauma or surgical amputation.

National Amputation Foundation
The National Amputation Foundation provides assistance to veteran and civilian amputees.

Phantom Pain
Phantom pain is experienced by many people after amputation. Learn more about the causes and treatments of this disorder.

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