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Exercises to Improve Balance

Loss of balance is common in certain medical conditions and the elderly. This can contribute to falls and difficulty walking. Learn simple exercises that will improve your balance skills.

What is a BAPS Board?
Learn what a BAPS board is and how it is used in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Single Leg Stance
The single leg stance is a great exercise to improve balance deficits. It can be modified to increase difficulty level as you progress.

An Overview of Balance Exercises
The components of balance exercises are reviewed.

Exercises to Prevent Falls
Balance exercises help you maintain strong leg muscles and prevent falls. Review three exercises to improve your balance.

One Leg Away From Improved Balance
Discover an exercise to improve your balance by standing on one leg!

Wii Therapy
More and more physical therapists are using the Nintendo Wii as a rehabilitation tool. Playing the Wii can help improve balance as well as joint motion.

Advanced Balance Exercises
Enhancing balance can improve performance in many sport activities. Perform these advanced balance exercises to be on the cutting edge of your sport.

The Fukuda Stepping Test
Learn how to perform the Fukuda Stepping Test to assess your vestibular function.

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