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Physical Therapy Training


Updated June 20, 2005

After completing a degree in physical therapy, further training can be obtained by completing a residency or fellowship in various specialty areas. The APTA defines residencies and fellowships in physical therapy as follows:

Residency:A planned program of post professional clinical and didactic education that is designed to advance significantly the physical therapist's preparation as a provider of patient care services in a defined area of clinical practice.

Fellowship:A post-professional, funded, and planned learning experience in a focused area of physical therapist clinical practice, education, or research.

Physical therapy fellowships are offered in hand, movement science, manual orthopedic, and sports athletics.

Physical therapy residencies are offered in geriatric, neurology, orthopedic, and sports.

For a comprehensive list of physical therapy fellowship and residency programs, click on this link to review each program.

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