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Ergonomics and Preventing Injury At Work

Ergonomics is defined as the the science related to man and his work, embodying the anatomic, physiologic, and mechanical principles affecting the efficient use of human energy. Learn basic ergonomic techniques and how to prevent injury at the work place.

Keyboard Positioning
Correct positioning of your keyboard at work will help to reduce the incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome and other sore arm and neck muscles.

Computer Workstation Ergonomic Checklist
The US Department of Labor, Occupational Safety and Health Admistration has published a useful checklist for safe computer workstation positioning. See if you meet their standards.

Appropriate Chair Positioning
Sitting properly in a chair is one way to prevent discomfort and back strains at work. Read on to learn how to appropriately adjust your work chair.

Safe Lifting Technique
Learn how to safely lift heavy objects without causing injury to your back.

Steps To Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Six simple steps to help prevent developing carpal tunnel syndrome.

Tips For An Ergonomic Computer Workstation
If you spend your day working on a computer, review these 12 tips for an ergonomic workstation. A diagram allows you to view all twelve strategies in one picture.

Stretching Exercises For Computer Users
To prevent computer related injuries, do these simple hand and wrist stretches at your desk throughout the day.

10 Stretches To Do At Work
Perform these 10 moves throughout the day to prevent stiffness.

Tendon Gliding Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Learn how to perform tendon gliding exercises for carpal tunnel syndrome.

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