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Physical Therapy Exercises

Exercising daily plays a crucial role in the process of healing and recovering from injury or disease. This is the goal of physical therapy exercises. Stretching and strengthening activities are only a few types of physical therapy exercises. Balance, joint control, and muscle re-training are other types of important physical therapy exercises.
  1. Balance Exercises (8)
  2. Endurance Exercises (7)
  3. Exercising During Pregnancy (3)
  4. Post-Operative Exercises (12)
  5. Rehab Ex (5)
  6. Strengthening Exercises (29)
  7. Stretching Exercises (40)

Exercises for Vertigo or Dizziness Caused by BPPV
Brandt Daroff exercises to help treat the symptoms of BPPV.

Injury Prevention
Learn how physical therapists help patients prevent injury and maintain maximal functional mobility.

Ten Essential Exercises for the Overhead Athlete
These 10 essential exercise can help you maintain shoulder and arm strength for participation in overhead sports.

Exercises You Can Do with Shoulder Pulleys
Learn how to perform range of motion exercises for your shoulder using shoulder pulleys.

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