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Physical Therapy Jobs

Tools To Assist in Finding a Job in Physical Therapy


Updated November 30, 2008

One of the benefits of being a physical therapist is the variety of job settings there are to choose from. It is often not thought of, but there are a multitude of physical therapy job settings to practice in.

The hospital setting is one of the more common physical therapy job settings. Within the hospital there are specialty areas that physical therapist can pursue. Acute care, orthopedic, and geriatrics are a few of the hospital specialties physical therapists can practice in.

Outpatient clinics, rehabilitation centers, home health agencies, school systems, and nursing homes are five other settings where physical therapists are employed.

With so many settings, finding a job in physical therapy can often be difficult. Fortunately there are many web sites today to help in finding a physical therapy job. Below you will find a list of sites that are helpful in finding the perfect physical therapy job for you.

TherapyJobBoard.com hosts job postings from therapy employers and staffing agencies around the country. The services are completely free for job seekers. This is a fast and easy to use web site.

Therapyjobs.com offers a list of physical therapy jobs alphabetically by state. This site gives a description of each job listed. On therapyjobs.com, you can also post your resume for employers to look at.

jobsintherapy.com allows you to be more specific in your job search. This web site allows you to search for physical therapy jobs by state and setting. This narrows your job search and lets you be more selective about the physical therapy job that you are looking for.

rehabworld.com is another web site that lets you look for physical therapy jobs by state. A nice feature of this site is the contact information that is provided with each physical therapy job listed. This allows you to directly contact the employer without going through the web site. rehabworld.com also has resume posting available.

alltherapyjobs.com is a site that lets you look for rehabilitation jobs by specialty. This site does not offer as complete a list of physical therapy jobs as many of the other sites. There is a section for recruiters on this web site to pursue posted resumes.

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