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A Patient Guide To Physical Therapy

When do you know if physical therapy is appropriate for you? What type of physical therapist should you see? How long will it take? Find the answers to all these common questions. Discover the various types of physical therapy and how to succeed in your therapy program.

All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Physical Therapy
Life lessons that you can learn in the physical therapy clinic.

Stay Motivated in Physical Therapy
Stay motivated in physical therapy to make the most of your rehab program.

Do I Need an MRI or X-ray Before I Start Physical Therapy?
Diagnostic studies are an important component of your medical care, but they may not be necessary before starting physical therapy.

Top 10 Physical Therapy Songs
Ten popular songs that you may hear playing in the physical therapy clinic.

Physical Therapy Mythbusters
Learn the truth behind many myths about the physical therapy profession.

Essential Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Physical Therapist
Are you going to physical therapy? Learn about the essential questions to ask to help you choose the right physical therapist.

What Is Physical Therapy?
Find out how a physical therapist can help you, and what happens during physical therapy.

Does Ultrasound Really Work?
Ultrasound is a common treatment used in physical therapy. But does ultrasound really help your condition?

How To Safely Stand Up From A Chair
Learn how to stand up from a chair safely.

Do I Need Physical Therapy?
Learn if physical therapy can benefit you.

Types of Physical Therapy
Defines the major branches and areas of Physical Therapy.

What is Physical Therapy?
Physical therapy is a health care specialty involved with evaluating, diagnosing, and treating disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

What Is a Physical Therapist?
Physical therapists are licenced professionals who play an important role in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of functional limitations.

Physical Therapy Basics
Physical therapy is a health care service provided to people in need of developent, maintainance, and restoration of maximal functional independence.

Setting Goals
Setting appropriate goals for your rehabiltation program is the best way to enjoy a successful outcome. Learn how by reading this quick tip.

How Long Does Physical Therapy Take?
How long a rehabilitation program will be is a common question with a difficult answer. This topic is discussed in brief.

Weight Bearing Restrictions
Weight bearing restrictions are reviewed.

Yoga Therapy
Yoga therapy is a new form of individualized rehabilitation combining physical therapy with yoga poses.

Steps to Preventing Falls in the Home
Elderly are at increased risk for falls in the home. Learn easy ways to fall proof your home.

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is pain that develops in an extremity after injury.

Finding a Physical Therapist
Read these tips from Johns Hopkins on how to find a physical therapist.

Alzheimer's Disease and Exercise
Studies have proven the added benefits of exercise in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Learn more about this finding in my article.

Choosing A Physical Therapist
Great advice on how to choose a physical therapist. Review this tip list!

Working With Your Physical Therapist
Learn how to work efficiently with your physical therapist.

Certified Clinical Specialists in Physical Therapy
The American Physical Therapy Association provides patients assistance in finding clinical specialists. Use this resource to locate a therapist in your state.

October is National Physical Therapy Month
Physical therapists celebrate their profession each October during National Physical Therapy Month.

What is Direct Access to Physical Therapy?
Learn about direct access to physical therapy.

Physical Therapy Treatments and Modalities
Review the common treatments that you may encounter if you visit a physical therapist.

Get the Most Out of Physical Therapy
Learn how to make your experience at physical therapy a positive one.

What is Range of Motion?
Understand the different types of range of motion and how it is measured in physical therapy.

Is Ultrasound a Safe Treatment for My Condition?
Ultrasound is a common treatment in physical therapy, but it may not be safe for your specific condition. Learn about situations where ultrasound should not be used.

Scar Tissue Massage and Management
Learn how your physical therapist can help you manage scar tissue formation through the use of massage, stretching, and exercise.

National Conferences Hosted by the American Physical Therapy Association
Learn about the three national conferences that are hosted annually be the American Physical Therapy Association.

Does TENS Help to Decrease Pain?
Find out if TENS really does work to decrease pain.

Contrast Bath in Physical Therapy
Learn about a type of whirlpool treatment called a contrast bath and how it is used in physical therapy.

Whirlpool Use in Physical Therapy
Learn about whirlpools and how they are used in physical therapy.

What's Your Favorite Physical Therapy Song?
Music in the physical therapy clinic is a must. What's your favorite physical therapy song?

7 Things NOT to Say to Your Physical Therapist
What are some things that you should NOT say to your physical therapist?

7 Signs that You Should Find a Different Physical Therapist
Here are some signs and signals that perhaps you should find a different physical therapist.

Fun and Games in the Physical Therapy Clinic
What does your physical therapist do when the last patient leaves and the clinic shuts down? Physical therapy fun and games, of course.

Methods Your Physical Therapist Uses to Manage Your Pain
Learn how physical therapy can help decrease or eliminate your pain after injury or illness.

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